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How Foreign And Native Culture Form People People are always being influenced by the environment. They may change their ways of living, eating, and mostly their way of speaking. Languages are easily changeable, but they are also stubborn: People may change their ways of speaking because of the environment, but their mother tongues are still the most familiar things to them. Languages people speak the most will influence and change them, but the languages and cultures they grow up in will always be a part of their lives. Jasmin Darznik has written about this in her article “Persian, English,” how she struggled between her culture and the environment, and finally finds out her own culture is the most beautiful thing. No matter how hard people…show more content…
When people start to speak a language since they were very young and have spoke it for years, it is hard for them to pull themselves out of the “form” of their mother tongues. Although they know another language, they cannot stop themselves using the way of thinking and grammar of their mother tongues. Tan’s mother has lived in America for years and she knows English, but her English has been described as “broke” by her daughter. When she say things like “so mad he lie to me, losing me money,”(Tan, 175) it is so hard for those native English speakers to understand what does she trying to say. But it is really easy for Chinese to understand, because the form of sentence, the meaning of vocabulary, and the grammar is what they use daily in Chinese. It is hard for people to “forget” and “abandon” their native cultures and mother tongues: People may become not fluently while speaking their native language or unskilled when they try to write down the words, but they will always have the sense of feeling of their native languages and cultures. With this sense of feeling, people may speak foreigns language in the form of their mother tongues, and even “hear” the words while reading foreign languages. When Darznik reads the English version of Persian poems, she can “hear the muffled voice of the

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