Problems In The Late 1800s

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Everyone has problems that they face everyday, big problems small problems, problems that are unrecognizable. Some problems that americans face today are: their phones running out of battery or not being able to watch you favorite t.v. show when it comes on. These problems today are very different than the problems that people faced during the late 1800s and early 1900s. For example, in the 1800s the people living did not have to worry about phones battery or internet connection, but if you were an immigrant you had much more to worry about. In the late 1800s, early 1900s, An immigrant's journey to the United states could be difficult because they had to travel under harsh conditions, live in poverty, and face opposition to immigration. In…show more content…
Some people welcomed immigrants, such as: business leaders because they were willing to work long hours for low wages; they were willing because this was probably better pay than in their native country. This supports the thesis because, some other americans thought that immigrants were taking all the jobs because they did not require much. Secondly, chinese immigrants especially face opposition when the U.S. congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act; according to the text, “[The Chinese Exclusion Act] banned all chinese people from entering the United States for 10 years” (Deverell and White 641). This quote shows that there was definitely opposition to immigrants, chinese in particular, enough opposition for congress to pass an act banning some immigration. Even though immigrants faced opposition they still came in waves of large numbers; they came in large number because they were all in search of a new, better life. If the immigrants went west they had opportunity to have their own home and hearth. This evidence supports the claim because even though the faced tough opposition they still fought for a better life. Finally, immigrant's faced opposition- not everyone wanted them here, but they came- lots of them- and they moved

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