An Indian Fathers Plea By Robert Lake Analysis

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“I am an American citizen she is not” (Mukhejee 70). In the essays, six different authors share their opinions on how culture affects the views of the world and its people. Three authors support the idea that culture changes people’s view. And there were two stories that countered the idea that culture doesn’t affect views. The that essays support the idea that a person’s culture affects the way people view the world and how they think of people. People’s views on people are determined by their culture. In Robert Lake’s essay: “An Indian Father’s Plea,” he argues that just because his son learned a little different because of his Indian background he shouldn’t be labeled a ‘slow learner’. And for having a different background than the western kids, “The students in the class laughed at him causing further embarrassment” (Lake 77). Lake’s son was trying to explain to his son’s teacher that Wind Wolf isn’t proud of his culture because of the laughing and the other students making fun of him because he has an Indian background. Being raised, “He is probably what you would call a typical Indian kid” (Lake 75), as a an Indian, Wind Wolf had a different way of learning how to count and how to tell the different species of…show more content…
In the short story, “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, she writes how her views weren’t changed when she came to America because she believed, “My mother believed you could be anything in America” (Tan 18). Her mother probably already thought that one could be anything in America no matter what her culture was. In the interview/essay: “Multiculturalism Explained in One Word: Hapa,” by Kristen Lee explains that she embraces the different cultures, “It’s meant to be slightly derogatory but I embrace it as a source of empowerment” (Lee 4). She embraces a derogatory term to define her outlook on her world. But most of the time people’s culture will affect their

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