The Hegemony Of English In China

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The hegemony of English and the response in China Under the background of economic globalization, the infiltration and integration of languages and cultures in every country is spreading. English, as a language spreading quickly, has been influencing almost every domain in Chinese modern daily life. China is the only country which preserves its own language with a history of more than 5,000 years; even so, it is faced with the challenge from other languages, especially English. From my perspective, the theory that there exists hegemony of English is reasonable, but simultaneously, the English is spreading in China and Chinese people change it into Chinese English. So I hold my viewpoint that there is a combination of the hegemony of English…show more content…
According to the latest data updated by Wei & Su (2012), the people learning English are even more with approximately 390 million. However, during the progress of the English circulating in China, the Chinese English is developing in response to the hegemony of English. As Adamson (2004, p. 208) states in his comprehensive history of English education in China: The principles of curriculum development are those of the Self-Strengtheners in response to Western gunboats: take foreign learning and make it serve China through synthesis. English language teaching with Chinese characteristics is viewed as a tool that can promote the economic and cultural well-being of the citizens of China, and can enable the country to enjoy international status as a strong, independent nation, rather than one subjugated by foreign…show more content…
In fact, English has been appropriated as a tool for state-building in China and the country’s English language policies are endowed by the political leaders “with the mission of cultivating patriotism and spreading Chinese culture” around the world (Pan, 2011, cited by Shi.X,2013). English is adopted to communicate Chinese culture and promote China’s political and economic interests throughout the world. “By characterizing English as neutral tool it can be synthesized, merged, and fused with the policies of state-building, economic development, and the strengthening of China’s international power and status” (Shi.X, 2013). From the evidence above we can see that the circulation of English as a world language is complex and even dangerous. Faced with the current situation, above all, we should appeal to adolescents and adults to love the Chinese culture and treasure the Chinese heritage. As for foreign language, Chinese should find its essence to its dregs but do not worship blindly and use it to promote Chinese culture. Maybe the best answer is that we should protect Chinese unique culture and draw upon the fruits of world civilization in the

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