The Pros And Cons Of Internet Fraud

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Abstract When individuals hear Internet fraud, they think of getting tricked by a hacker. A hacker is not always the case, internet fraud is any type of fraudulent scheme that uses one or more strategies of the Internet - such as e-mail, Chat rooms, Web sites, or message boards - to present fake solicitations to potential victims, to conduct sham transactions, or to diffuse the profits of fraud to financial organizations or to others connected with the scheme (Dmitry and Baumer 2014). Internet Fraud Internet fraud has become one of the most popular crimes of choice today. A few examples could be, by posting website information or sending e-mails messages worldwide in seconds to carry out fraudulent schemes quickly. To shield…show more content…
If you are ever on the internet, you will at some point, see Internet fraud. Some tips and ideas on how to avoid Internet fraud is don't justify a website by creative appearances. It may seem apparent, but customers need to keep in mind that just because something seems valid on the Internet - no matter how striking or professional the Web site looks - doesn't mean it's accurate. The availability of software that allows anyone, at small cost, to set up a professional eye-catching Web site means that scammers can make their Web sites look as striking as those of legitimate suppliers. Often scams come in the form of e-mail messages from someone you don't know asking you for personal information like Social Security Number, passwords, or Credit card information. Before sending any type of information make sure it is a legitimate source. Criminals have a strategy of pretending to be a protective systems agency or internet provider trying to persuade individuals online that they should release valuable personal information (Dmitry and Baumer, 2014). Analysis Fraud can happen anywhere at any time. Internet fraud is at our fingertips. In the world today, everything is handled over the World Wide Web. Business transactions, bill payments, and purchases. It is easy to become a victim. To avoid this from happening to you is to follow all the previous steps as stated. Understanding what fraud is, what different types of fraud and

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