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INTRODUCTION A door frame is a group of wood parts so machined and assembled as to form an enclosure and support for a door. WHAT IS FIRE DOORS Fire doors is a type of door or movable barrier that have a fire resistance used as part of a passive fire protection within buildings to reduce the spread of smoke and fire between separate section, and it to enable safe egress from a building or structure. It also was designed to withstand fire, heat, and smoke for a period of 20 minutes to 3 hours. Fire door is play as a vital role in the fire safety of building so their correct specification, installation, and maintenance is paramount to the safety of all those who use the building. COMPONENTS OF FIRE DOORS These components include the frame,…show more content…
Firstly, flush or plain which is refers to a door without glass or louvers. Next, half glass doors with glass located at the upper half of the door face. Furthermore, full glass doors is a maximum inch rail and stile occur at the top and at the vertical edges of this door. There also have narrow lite door which is the glass cut out in these doors was located near the lockset. The width of the glass size and glass location from the finished floor to the glass opening will vary with the door size or specifications. Therefore, louver door is an opening in the door with a series of non-visionary slats or blades to allow passage of air. This louver frame was inserted into the opening in the door prepare to receive the louver. Fusible link louvers was used to control passage of flames and heat. It also have full louve door which is similar with full glass where it can manufacture as standard a maximum 7" rail and stile occur at the top, and at the vertical edges of this door while, an 8" minimum rail occurs at the bottom. Besides, there also have a combination of glass and louvers. Its type and the amount of combination of glass and louvers used was regulated by

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