Anne Frank: Jeewish Experience During The Holocaust

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Who was Anne Frank and how did her life represent the jewish experience during the Holocaust for jews living in the Netherlands? In this essay I will talk about Anne Frank, who she was, why she was famous and how her life represented the lives of Jewish people living in the Netherlands during the time of the Holocaust. First I will start by talking about Anne Frank, who she was, what happened to her and I will also talk about what got her famous. Anne Frank was a Jewish girl, born in Germany, living in The Netherlands during World War Two. She was 13 years old when she got her diary, the diary that made her famous. During WWII, Anne Frank and her family, her father Otto Frank, her mother Edith Frank and her older sister Margot Frank, were in danger because they were Jews, Hitler blamed the Jews for every bad thing that happened in the world and he send them to…show more content…
She does not only describe the things that happen inside the Secret Annexe, she also describes things that happen outside of her little world, for example Anne Frank says that she “feels wicked sleeping in a warm bed while her dearest friends have been knocked down or have fallen into a gutter somewhere out in the cold night.” (45), or she talks about children who are left behind, because they were at school when their parents got picked up by the Nazi's: “The children here run about in just a thin blouse and clogs; no coat, no hat, no stockings, and no one helps them. Their tummies are empty, they chew an old carrot to stay the pangs, go from their old homes out into the cold street and, when they get to school, find themselves in an even colder classroom. Yes, it has even got so bad in Holland that even countless children stop the passer-by and beg for a piece of bread.” (Anne Frank,

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