Look It's Camp Wahoo Short Story

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Chapter 1 Excitement Ahead, Look, It’s Camp Wahoo “Wow! Look at that! Is that a mountain Mr. Weatherbee?” The camp boat Searush moves steadily westward. Missy, Marcus, Buddy, Jody and Gregg are part of a group of thirty boys and girls, all first time campers, riding the boat Searush, to an island called Camp Wahoo, about five miles off the mainland. They are camping for a week during their summer vacation. Most of the children are full of excitement! So excited, that they clap their hands wildly! Laugh loudly! Chatter restlessly amongst each other. Some are quietly smiling. Some grin from ear to ear. While others eagerly stare ahead to see where Searush is heading. Suddenly a voice pierces the air! “I see it! I see the island! I see Camp Wahoo!” shouts little red-haired Jimmy with his tongue-tied speech. “My, my, young man, you’re…show more content…
“May we stay up late at night when we’re not sleepy and count the stars?” squeaks another voice from the back. Marcus, who likes adventure, screams, “Maybe we can look for some hidden treasure on this island just like Robinson Crusoe did, in the pirate story of the Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.” All at once the children laugh and giggle as if they are in agreement with Marcus. “No!” Buddy adds his suggestion. “Let’s climb up to the top of that big hill where the flagpole is and use a telescope to see how far we are away from home,” he exclaims. He demonstrates his suggestion with his fists clenched tightly, one in front of the other, up to his left eye, as if using a real telescope. The campers blurt out several more questions to the counselors. “Can we put a note in a bottle and throw it overboard?” “That’s a super idea. Who knows, somebody in Alaska or Australia may find it washed up on shore,” one of the littlest campers suggests. “Are there any snakes here at Camp Wahoo? I sure hope not, because I’m terribly scared of

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