Animal Stress Calls Vs Game Over Essay

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Essay Cera Shelton According to, the first printed books didn’t have the author’s name or title, the covers were a work of art. Eliot Schrefer and Eric Kahn Gale are two of these published author’s. Eliot who wrote, “Animal Distress Calls” says he has always been into animals and that he loves to write stories about animals. Eric the author of “Game Over” he is working on a new book “The Bully Book” he is writing this book based on past experience as being bullied as a kid. “Game Over” and “Animal Distress Calls” have similarities and differences such as how setting creates a mood and the type of conflict. One similarity between “Game Over” and “Animal Distress Calls” is the stories have similar settings that create a similar mood. Both stories…show more content…
Ryan is taking in tennis at a school down the street because he wants things to change, at his old school he was being bullied. He decides tennis would be a good way to fit in. For example on page 24 it says, “on the first day, I walked through the doors of the gymnasium and saw five kids sitting on the bleachers. The ceiling was high, and the tennis net stretched across what was normally a basketball court. I took this as a good sign that : anything can change.” This quote is significant because, Ryan has been having problems with being bullied so he decides to take on tennis at a different school. As he enters the school he gets confident that some change will happen on how he is treated. Also, in “Animal Distress Calls” Julia goes on a school field trip but gets left behind locked gates. An example is on page 26 it says, “I pushed, it wouldn’t open; someone must of came along and chained it” also, on page 28 it says, “ We do have

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