The Importance Of Good Health

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Being healthy has been a long time most precious goal for people to .The term of healthy means a state of being free from illness or injury. It is also about maintaining a good look, keeping fit, overcome overweight problems and having regular medical checkups. Good health has a essential effect on relationships and studies and , indeed , research shows that the healthier the student , the better his or her friendships and work are .The term of wealthy means having a plenty of valuable property or currency .When a person talks about wealth, they refer about having a large amount of money or being rich. When you search for the richest men in the world,name of rich men such as Bill Gates and Warren will be listed . But wealth is something more than just money. A person's wealth is not estimated by the amount of money they have Being wealthy is when a person is blessed to have a family and friends that loves and cares about them. It’s always a…show more content…
Money is not the most important thing in the world but it is still one of the important thing in the worls. Some people who consider that money is very significant and they could not survive without it. Money is needed for our basic expenses such as food and shelter.Other than that,money is needed to purchase medicine and other medical expenses.Without money, we cannot have a good health as with money, we can buy insurance for ourselves. Money can also buy us organic food which is better and healthier than inorganic food. A balanced diet is needed for a good health.To maintain a proper diet for sure it will cost us money. Other than that, medications are a necessity for everyone,especially when we have reached the age of 40’s.Futhermore, if we have a lot of money, we can obtain the best medication and suplements in the world. From the above discussion we can conclude that someone to stay healthy and cure their illness they need

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