Essay On Fertility Rate

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The fertility rate is the number of childbirths per 1000 women, according to a specific composition ratio of the number of mothers in the population. The fertility rate relates to the population of a country or area, as if the fertility rate decrease then there is less childbirths, and therefore this will lead to a decline in the total population. Moreover, if the fertility rate is high, then the population will most likely increase as well. Reason 1 Countries with a low fertility rate are usually developed countries, where there are more resources, job opportunities, education, and women empowerment, which leads to late marriage and hence very low fertility rates. As well, developed countries have a higher rate of awareness about family…show more content…
There are many implications that an ageing population may have on the economy and the society as whole. An ageing population increases the dependency ratio (workers: people), which causes an insufficiency in the number of people working in the society. As well, elderly people form a huge responsibility on the government and economy in terms of health care, which may cause the governments to raise taxes in order to compensate. In addition, an ageing population may cause an insufficiency in the job opportunities for young people, as they may find difficulties finding jobs. As many people believe, an aging population is a burden on the economy and the society, since elderly people require high health care facilities and pensions, and may cause an inadequacy in the number of job opportunities available for the youth. As well, since an ageing population is composed of old people they may not be able to perform all of the jobs needed as well as young people would. However, many other people believe that there is no point in worrying about the future and that the doors will open for new job opportunities that we may not be able to even imagine at the moment. As well, many people argue that elderly people may be just as fit for the different jobs, and that the experience is what counts rather than the age. In my opinion, an ageing population is a huge
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