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Cultural Relativist and Feminist Critiques of International Human Rights – Friends or Foes ? Oonagh Reitman In this paper the authors would talkng about the view of Cultural relativists and feminists to the international human rights. Cultural relativist considers that the source of human rights is culture. For the cultural relativists human rights is very diverse equally appropriate with the culture, but universally human rights is a superiority of human itself. So thats why the cultural relativist do not agree with the universal understanding about human rights. The cultural relativist criticize the international human rights base on what they believe. The relativists believe because in this world so many cultures than theres no one moral…show more content…
First both of cultural relativist and feminist got difficulties in terms to claim the human rights. The feminist not rejecting about the universality but the feminist just reject the implementation of the theory of universality. Mostly in the implementation just the rights of men be protected and the woman of rights be underestimated. That is why the feminist want if the human rightsis truly universal, then the womans rights must also be protected. The relativist reject the universality either the theory or the implementation of the theory it self. The relativist considers that the human rights only based the western value. Second, the cultural relativist and the feminist view that the hidden poitics take a role in human rights. The hidden politic means is the way to use human rights to be the reason to do the others things. For the example is the western use feminist to agains the values in Middle East. So, in the name of womans rights the western blame the middle east because their do discrimination of human rights. The reason by the relativist do the critize is because they want to preserving the cultural

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