Importance Of The American Dream And Property Ownership

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The American Dream and Property Ownership: As a child growing up in a single parent household I was forced to move around quite often. In fact, I went to at least 7 different elementary schools that I can count. My mother made sure to instill in me how important my education and roots should be. So, it is from many life experiences that have shaped my opinion on why I think owning property is a good thing. Our founding fathers knew it best when it came to the importance of private property, James Madison said, “Property rights are as important as personal rights, because the two are so intimately connected.” I will show why I feel property ownership is always a good thing by giving examples of its emotional, financial, and social benefits.…show more content…
We as humans have that deep-seated yearning to have our own place to call home. Having your own home and land means that you get to do what so ever you see fit with it. Of course, so long as you’re not breaking the law! One can decorate it, however your heart so desires. You could paint it a different color every week if you like, it’s yours to make your claim on it! Home ownership is having somewhere tangible to plant your roots. A place to start a family and raise your children. Somewhere that your children can grow up and build a treehouse in the backyard if they want to, and you wouldn’t have to worry about pissing off your landlord. It’s something you can pass down to your children, and then to their children and so on. Your own little slice of the promised land. A place that you will be deeply tied to

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