Clinical Interventions: A Case Study Of The Psychological Causes Of Depression

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Psychological Causes of Depression Lastly to be discussed, psychological causes of depression are also major factors that cause the disorder. Thinking can be very harmful to one’s body. Overstressing is destructive to one’s emotional condition (Centre for Clinical Interventions). People start blaming themselves for events that go wrong but don’t give themselves credit for the good events. He or she begins to be very hard on him/her and believes that he/she knows what others are thinking about him/her. When someone loses someone or something, they may be triggering the onset of depression too due to the grief that they are dealing with. When people feel like they’ve failed, that can also serve as the root of the primary phases of depression. People like to feel the relieved feeling of success, and when tables turn on their hard work, it adds to their stress and emotional burden. They begin to think negatively about themselves and believe that they are not good enough to accomplish anything. Stress can once again cause a person to over think and eventually mentally bring them down causing depression (Centre for Clinical Interventions). Personality has a lot to do with it considering a person’s worrying style and their ability to handle stressful situations. Case Study The patient, Mary, has a very complicated past where she had many situations that caused…show more content…
It is also proven that if a family member as been through depression, the traits can be passed on to offspring causing then to have a more likely chance of suffering through depression as well (UK Essays). Psychological factors come hand in hand with both biological and Environmental causes. Environmental factors seem to be the cause of psychological factors because of stressful events. Personality is also a factor which can be inherited. Sometime disease tends to cause worrying behavior. Analysis and

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