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The use of deaf culture is seen as a use of language, and stimulation. Deaf culture is defined as the idea that deaf people have their own way of being set apart by using the American Sign Language method to express what they need to say. Defining culture, culture is seen to be a socially transmitted behavior pattern. Culture is developed through overtime training or education. A culture must fulfil the criterion of distinct social customs and protocols. Deaf culture is basically another form of communication. In this essay I will focus on what the framework of the culture is, the tradition/history/customs, and the social aspects that the deaf have to face. First, Deaf don't really have any special ethnic/religious traditional trait that they have to pin on their culture. The only thing they really celebrate is Deaf Awareness Week. The Deaf pretty much eat and do as much as they can do as everyone else can that can hear. When it comes to the mode of dressing , Deaf understand that when you get dress that it is a way of communicating to another person as well as talking to them. It can show a person’s identity, values, and beliefs. In contexts to religion the Deaf don't have a specific religion that each one has to…show more content…
The deaf face being separated from societies everyday aspects. They can be excluded from most activities due to the lack of communication involved in an activity. On the other hand, there has been deaf people who have exceeded the boundaries that people have put on deaf and their culture. In schools for the deaf, deaf are able to participate in anything that they are able to physically. As of today their are quite a few deaf athletes, lawyers,teachers, and educators that are deaf and have beat the odds. The deaf are able to live on their own if they please ,and are able to provide for another person if they have too. Deaf have traditionally come together into a distinct

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