Comparing Yourself To Others Essay

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Do you often compare yourself to others? Maybe with a person in your family, a close friend, someone very famous around you or someone famous on social media. Do you often think that we are living in a competitive society? We often thought that Am I prettier than she is? Do we make more money than they do? Is she a better mother than I am? If your answer is yes, then welcome our friends at tapedaily this is a right place for you. It is natural to compare yourself to others but the problem arises when we possessed with our deficiencies. Constant comparisons with others have major shortcomings. It tends to lower our self- esteem and we start feeling bad about ourselves. How to stop comparing yourself to others Reasons, Why You Should Stop…show more content…
Remember that you can’t build up and shine your personality until comparison will leave off. Remove Yourself From Society’s Definition Of Success Your aim should be very high because some treasures in the world are hidden from sight like love, selflessness, and kindness. There is no measurement of these higher pursuits. You have to desire them above everything in this world and have to create your new definition of success. Take A Walk Next time when you realize that you are comparing yourself to others, stand up and go for a while and go for a walk- even if only to another side of the room. Allow the change in your surroundings to create a change in your thinking. If You Need To Compare, Compare Yourself Have a commitment to yourself that you will grow a little bit each day and try to be a better version of yourself. Just compare yourself with the past day. Don’t forget to celebrate your little advancements which are without comparing yourself to

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