Yakult Case Study

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In Yakult, there are many different departments which help the company to run their daily, routine transaction to conduct the business such as Finance and Accounting Department, Production Department, Logistic Control Department, Human Resource Department and Marketing Department. These departments are very important to ensure the operations are performed well. Every department has its own functions and are all inter-related. For example, production department needs to order and buy the raw material and logistics department is responsible to receive and send the raw material. The Finance and accounting department of Yakult helps manage the financial resources and fund flow. This department has its sub system such as account receivable, account…show more content…
The department usually focused on the employees in the company to maximize the utilization. They have to plans the long term labor force needed in Yakult. It also allocates the position or job of a staff based on their different skill. It has an employee record management system to keep all the staff personnel information in the Yakult’s company. Human resource department also provide training to their employees so that they can develop their hidden skills and work more efficiency or improve their performance appraisals. This department is also responsible with formulating policies for recruitment, promotion, resignation, dismissal and retirement. They also take parts in calculate the salary and distribute salary slip to all the employees of…show more content…
Sales and marketing play an important role to maximize revenue, profit and market share in the company. To achieve the goal, Sales and Marketing department will carrying out market surveys of customers’ needs so that efforts can be made to develop products or services that customers’ want. For instance, Yakult is under the management support division. The objective for Sales and Marketing department in Yakult’s company is to promote their new products to attract and influence more consumer buy their products and increase the sales of the company. Hence, most of the Sales and Marketing department will have their own managers to create and manage the department budgets such as create an effective and cost-efficient marketing management strategy to persuade the consumer to purchase the

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