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In “Get off the Train and Walk.” (2003), Ehrlich, P claims that the exponential growth of the human population would gradually lead to an exhaust in the natural resources on Earth causing harm to both the biotic and abiotic components of the environment. Ehrlich further complains about the ignorant attitude portrayed by the government of the superior countries, claiming a reduction in the human population is the only solution. Ehrlich uses his knowledge and understanding of conservational biology to convey his message with an intention of convincing the readers about his claim. He begins his essay comparing himself to David Orr, who is an author of the 2003 issue of the conservational biology article titled “Walking…show more content…
Nonetheless, the credibility of the essay is questionable. Although, it has been established that Ehrlich focusses on creating awareness to the public on the environmental issue using a neutral and convincing tone and his choice of words portray him as an intelligent and well-informed author, he lacks effective evidence to logically back up his specific claim that it is in fact, the population growth leading to a gradual limitation of the available resources. Despite Ehrlich’s ineffectiveness in backing up his claim, he succeeds in appealing to the reader’s emotions by initially starting off with a question. “If an “Optimal” human population size is in the vicinity of 2 billion people…what are our chances of reaching such an optimum before catastrophe overtakes us…” (Ehrlich, 2003 p.37). By bringing up this question, Ehrlich tries to point out the effects caused by the oversized population of humans, further listing out possible effects likely to occur before the human size population reaches an “Optimal” which include “… natural capital, war, terrorism and civil breakdown, famine…” (Ehrlich, 2003 p.37). Also,

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