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CARING FOR OILY SKIN: GOOD GESTURES & PITFALLS Treating oily skin is not easy, between too aggressive cleaners and mattifying care that forget to hydrate: difficult to find the right balance. We have regular feedback from people who live badly this skin type. So for beautiful skin, we start by accepting! Transient imperfections are inevitable if we avoid an overly aggressive routine and some received ideas. For people who pass through here that have more of an acne problem of oily skin, we also wrote an article about adult acne caused by improper use of cosmetics. The golden rules to care for oily skin The specifics of oily skin First, understand, and the magic word is ... sebum! Sebum is fundamental to the proper functioning of the skin. It is what…show more content…
This means it is important to know the difference between a dehydrated oily skin to dry skin for example to care the best. Immediately forget any hope of changing skin type ... What we can do is understand the better to maintain. The different states of oily skin: - Oily skin "normal" : it shines and makes time to time imperfections but no particular discomfort - Dehydrated oily skin : the hydro-lipid film is weakened and skin can no longer retain water, a feeling of discomfort and tightness occurs - Sensitive and reactive oily skin : it can be by nature or has been weakened and irritated by inadequate care, and tends to develop acne - Combination skin : oily in the T-zone, dry cheeks,

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