Essay On Emergency Situations

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What are the events that influenced so much to you, your friends and family recently? I was recently faced with a medical emergency as a friend of mine injured himself. It was pretty serious and it was hard to not panic in the situation. It made me realize the importance of not just acknowledging emergency events but benefits of knowing ways to handle them. How would you illustrate the lifehacks so that people will buy into them and apply in their daily lives? In this article, the emergency situations that are discussed are not uncommon. These are the situations that can happen and with just a little effort you can prepare yourself to keep your composure during unexpected events. How are they different from other stories shared online? If not, how would you present to make them unique? In this articles, different aspects of emergency situations…show more content…
Remind yourself that you have prepared for the situation. You should always have an escape route in your mind so that you can find it during the fire without any difficulty. Get on the ground and leave the building as soon as you can. Using water to extinguish the fire in electrical equipment is a bad idea. Call the fire department as soon as you get out. Dealing with medical emergencies: There are so many medical emergencies that you can face. If the emergency is of minor nature then you should be able to handle it by yourself but if it is major then you should always be prepared to handle the situation. If the emergency is major then the first thing is to stay calm and call for an ambulance. You should be aware of common medical procedures so that you can minimize the damage. It is important to know what you should do in case of choking, bleeding both minor and major, burning or hypothermia. Knowing little medical tricks in these cases can help in saving a life in a critical situation. In case you get
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