Compare And Contrast The Culture And Civilization Of The Aztecs

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Culture and Civilization of the Aztecs The population of the aztecs was about five million people in 1519. Their government system was more like a tribute and respected aztecs empire. They were more advanced than other cultures because they had better forms of communication and roads built in their city-states. The aztecs religion was very important throughout their everyday life. Their religion was Mesoamerican and a fun fact about their religion is that they have human sacrifices. The Aztecs empire lasted approximately 94 years. The important emporadora was Montezuma II., Montezuma I. The location of the aztecs was Tenochtitlán which is now now as modern day Mexico city. Their calendar is based on the sun god. Their art was based on their religion. They had many types of art…show more content…
Some artifacts that where found are calendar stone, a throne, and etc. Some ancient ruins from the aztecs are Teotihuacan and Calixtlahuaca. The Spanish Conquest began with the arrival of Hernando Cortés. He concurred some cities here and there on his way to the capital. Cortés was never looking for a fight, he was somewhat peaceful. The whole time Montezuma believed he was just trying to get on their good side. Tensions increased and a fight broke out. Cortés and his men took King Montezuma captive. During his captivity he was killed but we don't know when he was killed or by who. The Spanish brought disease and it broke out. Aztecs were weak so the Spanish to advantage and took over. He founded Mexico City which lied on Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs had many legends and myths. The Aztecs believed that there were four suns/worlds that existed before theirs. They believed in many gods and that they created and destroyed worlds. They also had a legend about a rag

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