Similarities Between The Knights Tale And The Knight's Tale

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Courtly love is described as knights setting out on adventures or performing various services for their ladies, either to win them over or win them as property. It was originally written into literature that was read by nobility or the high classes, but time went on and changed to meet a larger portion of society. Meaning that courtly love changed to make an appeal to more then nobility but also to lower classes. Aspects of courtly love exist today, but it has changed along with history that has made the world what we are today. Two different aspects or takes on courtly love can be taken from “The Knights Tale” and ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’, there are some similarities but many differences. The main difference is that the Wife of Bath sees love as a joke, because in the end someone has to be the submissive in every relationship. She wants men to stops treating women like property. While the knight sees women as objects to be won and should be fought over. The Wife of Bath is a modern day feminist, just born in the wrong time. She tells the story of her life and her story has the theme of women wanting to make her own decisions, even if men think they are under them. the knight sees women…show more content…
Emily wanted to keep her freedom and prayed for it, but the wife of bath chased men and used her sexual prowess to get and keep them. Why would emily pray to keep her freedom, and the wife of bath willingly give if up? the wife of bath wanted to make men succumb to her. She wanted the power over the relationship, much like a modern day feminist. On the other hand, Emily wanted to keep hers because she had no ‘want’ to become a wife, mother, or husbands servant. She believed in herself enough to keep to herself and enjoy life without ever wanting a husband. Each women was ‘born’ in the wrong time, because if they were born in modern time each could get what they wanted most. Emily a life without a husband and the wife of bath husbands that succumb to

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