Advantages And Disadvantages Of Clay In Bangladesh

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MINERALS OF BANGLADESH ______SAQUIB MOHAMMED HAROON______ (NORTH SOUTH UNIVERSITY) Bangladesh, having an area of about 147,570 square kilometers occupies the major part of the Bengal delta. Most of its area is covered with sediments deposited by Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) basin. The territory of Bangladesh mostly consist of the green alluvial land with exceptions in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sylhet, Barind tract, Lalmai hills and Madhupur tract. The main mineral resource contributing to the Bangladesh economy is the Natural Gas. Apart from Natural Gas Bangladesh has mineral reserves of coal, limestone, hard rock, Gravel, glass sand, construction sand, white clay, brick clay, peat and beach sand. COAL Coal is a complex mixture of minerals…show more content…
It is also used in Pottery. It is found in Dhaka, Nrayanganj, Narsingdi of Bangladesh. The chemistry and properties of Pleistocene and Holocene samples are satisfactory for the production of Good Quality Bricks. The Brick Clay is the most exploited mineral in Bangladesh. CONSTRUCTION SAND It is used for construction of Buildings, Roads, and Bridges etc. It is available in the river beds throughout the rivers of Bangladesh. As it consist of quartz of medium to large grains, it is considered a mineral. PEAT Peat is used in bricks and lime industries. It is used in thermal power plant and is also used alternative to household fuel. In Bangladesh, Peat reserves are present in Gopalganj, Madaripur, Khulna, Sylhet and Sunamganj. T total estimated reserve is 170 million tons. Peat is dried first and then made to briquettes for use as fuel. The reserves and physical properties are listed below. BEACH SAND Beach sand has been found in the coastal belt and islands of Bangladesh. These contains deposit of heavy minerals such as Zicron, Rutile, llemnite, Leucoxene, Kyanite, Garnet, and Monazite. These minerals are the potential for future. The reserves and the physical properties are mentioned

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