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Jack W. Cockerham Mrs.Gallos ENG 3 Honors 22 March 2018 Deforestation in the world The world is being torn apart day by day. The emission of greenhouse gases, riots around the world, and drug abuse are huge contributors. However, none quite match the destruction of Deforestation. Nearly 7 billion trees are cut down every year around the globe, which is nearly 55600 trees every minute. “Humanity is cutting down its forests, apparently oblivious to the fact that we may not be able to live without them” (Explore 100 Famous).Animals die each day due to Deforestation around the globe, 11 species have already gone extinct due to it. Indigenous people are being driven out of their villages and made homeless. These cases are preventable, but the negligence…show more content…
$12 Trillion is the estimated total damage cost of forest loss in the global economy. Damage to forests and other aspects of nature could cut living standards for the world's poor in half and reduce global GDP by about 7% by 2050. As Edward O. Wilson once said, “[Destroying rainforest for economic gain] is like burning a Renaissance painting to cook a meal” (Explore 100 Famous).The IPCC estimated that in the 1990’s emissions from rainforest deforestation were 1.6 billion tons of carbon per year. Because of the recent demand for biofuels, deforestation has been made much worse. 1 in 4 purchases at pharmacies contains an active ingredient from a tree in the tropical rainforest that has been destroyed. With the current rate of deforestation, the earth could lose all of its rainforests within a short 100 years. Man is not the only cause of mass deforestation, as wildfires have wiped out entire forests. However, record-breaking levels of air pollution have occurred in Southeast Asia as the result of burning for oil palm plantations. Another huge effect of deforestation is the water cycle. When mass amounts of trees are cut down, the water cycle cannot regulate the way it should, causing a decrease in a precipitation. Soil erosion is also very common when deforestation

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