Short Summary: The Pros And Cons Of Euthanasia

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EUTHANASIA AND LEGAL FRAMEWORK 8. According to global point of view nearly all countries, there is no provision to permit euthanasia to be legally treated differently from manslaughter. Law reform investigations have examined the right to die of competent subjects with terminally illness or incapacitating illnesses. However, some considerations taken as other than legal difficulties, such as possible ethnic or other social issue. Consent of the patient to undergo euthanasia cannot be applicable in all levels of illness, the rights of incompetent patients for refuse care or withdrawal or withholding of treatment, are even more complex. 9. On the other hand, specially in the USA, while euthanasia is illegal, it is now established that competent patients have a legal right to refuse medical care. This right to "death with dignity" has at times been extended by courts to incompetent patients.22 Most States have adopted "living will" laws permitting patients to provide written instructions about what medical interventions they would or would not want, if they become incompetent. In Sri Lankan context, killing himself is not a crime anymore, on the other hand all forms of euthanasia, active or passive, voluntary or involuntary and physician assisted suicide…show more content…
Same time I strongly agree with that active euthanasia or deliberate killing should remain as a criminal offence but on other hand withdrawing of life supply to relieve unbearable pain should not consider as an offence. But I agree that there should be way to distinguish between deliberate killing and the withdrawing of life supply would be to cross the line which prohibits any intentional killing. Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) Sunil Kumara’s last declaration provide adequate weightage on researcher’s argument and on the other hand statements which were spell out by Professor Ravindra Fernando provides me tremendous support to prove my argument on legalizing euthanasia with related to Sri Lankan

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