Summary: An Analysis Of The Tale Of Doctor Mannette's Tale

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From our own point of view we may say that this chapters are set in lucy and Mr. Darnay wedding, in which they were already set for it to be a perfect day when we can see how Doctor Mannette engages with darnay in the early morning to have a private conversation that ended up in a discussion. Afterwards Lucy and Darnay get married and begin with their new journey of a life spent together as a new family, so they departed to begin their two week honeymoon. After this we see how Doctor Mannette enters a stage of mental illness and they began to collapse, Mr. lorry is the one in charge of taking care of Doctor Mannette and they all got to the point of not telling neither Lucy nor Darnay, but they wanted to maintain it as a secret, so they will spent the afternoon and all the day at the doctors house so they could take care of him. The story is set between two cities: London and Paris, at the dawn of the French RevoIution. The first city symbolizes peace, second agitation, challenge and chaos. The first part is set in the year 1775 in France. Lucia is a 18 year old girl who thought her dead father. However, thanks to the mediation of attorney Jarvis Lorry, manages to reunite with him and travel to England. In the second part of the trial is reported to Charles Darnay, accused of spying for France. Amid a revolutionary cIimate weaves a love story where several of…show more content…
His description of which is almost knew better than he did know. Critics argue that Dickens based his novel on the works of Carlyle on the French Revolution, but you could say that Tale of Two Cities is a novel of historical book of Carlyle, ie it is the story but with the added sentiment, is the story that grabs you and immerses you in the revolutionary events in France in the eighteenth

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