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7 Daily habits to be followed for perfect skin tone Overview A glowing skin is the aim of every person especially ladies. Taking care of the skin is very important by nurturing it through cleaning it regularly. The seven daily habits are mandatory if a perfect skin tone is to be achieved. The habits are formed and adhered to if physical beauty is to be achieved. If religiously followed, one’s skin will remain glowing and beautiful without wrinkles even at the old age. There are different skin types but the seven habits are applicable in all. To reap from this, one must make a daily routine to ensure that their skin is glowing and this can be achieved by following the habits daily. 1. Diet A nutritious diet rich in fiber taken daily will improve the skin tone. A healthy body starts with the food one eats. The impurities from the skin cause digestive problems; therefore, correct diet is essential for a healthy skin. The correct amounts of vitamins and micronutrients daily are important. These foods must be carefully chosen because not all vitamins and proteins can help the skin glow and avoid impurities. The…show more content…
There are many health benefits of taking a lot of water and juice to our bodies especially the skin. Water helps the skin by purifying impurities on the skin making it to glow and ever smooth. Water has a medicinal value of cleansing the body by eliminating any toxins and wastes from the body through the pores in the skin. Eight glasses or 2 liters of water is recommended to be taken per day. In addition, water removes dirt and excess oils from the body thus hydrating the skin. Our skin is made of 15% water, therefore; it plays a critical role in creating a perfect tone for the skin. Within one week of taking water, the skin changes will be noticed because it will help the skin from drying and forming wrinkles. Water has also been known to boost the immune system of a person and

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