Essay On Clear Glass

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The sunlight gets into the room every morning through the glass of the window. The room atmosphere is incredibly nice and lovely. I can feel the nature in my soul. I smile warmly to my window and start my day motivated. Each morning I feel how amazing the clear glass is; it protects us from the harm of nature, but still conveys its beauty without any changes. The light gets to places easily without being fainted. Clear glass is frank. However, it has never been appreciated in comparison to other types of glasses . People might think it is boring, and sometimes they may not recognize its existence until they hit it! Poor clear glass! It has been five years since I moved to this room- which has a clear glass window-and changed myself; I still…show more content…
The first time I met her was in third grade as she was my classmate. The teachers loved her; whenever students raised their hands to participate or answer a question, they chose her. When I raised my hand, I would be ignored even in a situation where I was the only student raising a hand. I really wondered why I couldn’t shine and stand out like her. The teachers and my classmates were always talking about her intelligence. I developed a perception that I wasn't going to be like her because I wasn’t as smart as her. When we have become friends I’ve realized that I wasn’t inferior to her. The main difference between us was her outgoing personality. At that moment, I felt that I’ve spent eleven years making teachers underestimating my capabilities and dealing with me as a mediocre student because of being so quiet. I’ve managed to change my attitude and teachers' perception about me, although I had a short period to intervene. It was my last year at the elementary school. I worked hard, and started to yield and stand while raising my hand like other students. In some situations I talked with the teachers during breaks. None of these attitudes were my usual attitudes. I thought that the change in my attitudes worked out perfectly, until one day, when the math teacher told us about a city-wide math competition and asked for participants. I raised my hand. She chose the girl in front of me, the girl behind me, the girl beside me and other two girls. She ignored
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