Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt Analysis

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In the 21st century, standards of feminine beauty are presented in virtually all forms of popular media, attacking women with images that represent what is speculated to be the “perfect body.” In a society where media is the most persuasive force influencing cultural beliefs, the message that young women and men are acquiring is that a woman's sexuality, beauty, and youth are all that counts. The value and power a woman has seem to matter less now. It is no secret that women compare themselves to the female images they see on television, magazines, ads, and video games. These media images of women lower self-esteem and impact behavior at every age and stage of life.We realize images like that are unrealistic, yet they apply burden on women…show more content…
In Jean Kilbourne’s essay, “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” she mentions an advertisement in which a man is standing over a woman while the woman is saying, “no” but laughing or possibly screaming. She explains how men are encouraged to not take no for an answer, an idea she believes is the cause for many rapes. Another example she gives in her essay is an advertisement with a picture with a woman in a crop top looking provocatively standing and quoting, “ Push my buttons. I’m looking for a man who can totally floor me, who won’t stop till the top.” This type of image is trying to interpret that, we, women are the ones looking for it, that we are the ones that want it. It is trying to state that by the way we dress, look, and stand men should know that we want it. Another ad she mentions in her essay that is similar to this one is the one saying, “Wear it out and make it scream.” It is an ad about jeans showing a man sliding his hands under a women’s transparent blouse. She says that it could either be seduction, but that it could easily be taken as an attack at the same time. Media and ads sexually represent woman and it is damaging to their sense and demonstrate to men that it is okay to treat women in a certain way, the way they want to treat her. Media influences many people because they just want to go with the flow, they want to do and imitate what they are saying and

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