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Gavin Siegel U.S Social 9/28/15 Gallagher The Causes of Hysteria of Salem Witch Trial Salem was a village in New England back in the year 1692, which is now known as the town of Danvers, Massachusetts. Back in the 1692s witchcraft beliefs in New England and Europe was spread all over. This essay will discuss specifically what caused the hysteria of the Salem witch trial of 1692 that hit the coastal town of Salem village. The first cause that was articulated to be the cause of Salem witch trial was teenage boredom. This revolves around the adolescent girls. During the winter, back in the year 1691 -1692, several girls who were in adolescent stage started meeting in one of the town minister’s home known by the name Pastor Samuel Paris. Their visit was mainly to listen to the stories of voodoo that was told by Tituba. From this scene, the girls envisioned their future husbands by a ritual performance that involved dropping an egg into a glass containing water and do an analysis of the shape it took. From the rituals that Tituba did to the girls after some days, the girls started to have odd behaviors such as barking, groveling, shouting and additional reports had it that the girls were twitching for no reason .When the girls were…show more content…
These accused individuals are the examples of carrier Martha after she quarreled with her neighbor after which his cows suffered strange deaths. Second to that, Martha was also accused by another character known as Chandler, who further claimed that she had stomach pains after she heard it from Martha that she was going to be poisoned. In addition to these accusers, Martha’s children also accused her of trying to recruit them into witchcraft. These allegations later led to her sentence, which she was later hanged after found guilty (Docs 2, 3,

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