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Though there are many reasons for the fall of Rome, one of the primary reasons is that the Romans were becoming lazy. The Roman historian Vegetius wrote, “[Before the year 400 CE] footsoldiers wore breastplates and helmets. But when, because of the negligence and laziness, parade ground drills were abandoned, the customary armor began to seem heavy since the soldiers rarely ever wore it.” This shows that Romans were getting so lazy that they did not even want to wear the proper equipment necessary to be safe in a battle field. By doing so they might have lost more soldiers in battle from being so unprepared and while diminishing the Roman army, it also made it easy for the enemy to get in and attack, thus bringing the Rome to its fall. In the background essay provided the following is read: “When the goal appears to have been reached, it is easy to get lazy. The evidence for this was a love of luxury, a decline in the quality of literature, even a decision made by upper-class Romans to have fewer…show more content…
As mentioned before soldier had become lazy and stopped wearing armor, Vegetius had said “Thus it happens that troops in battle, exposed to wounds because they have no armor, think about running and not about fighting.” If the army was small and weak it was only weakened more by the amount of soldiers who would be wounded or killed in battle. Rome was also not keeping its people happy. When interviewed by Priscus a former Roman citizen said “[He]...considered his life better...better than his old life among the Romans…. The climax of misery is to have to pay in order to obtain justice…” People were not happy having to pay for something that should be done by the government because the government was meant for protection. People that weren’t happy with Rome’s rule would lack loyalty and let invaders in easily, taking down the Roman

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