Child Soldiers Persuasive Essay

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You are walking down the street on your way to school. You are late and are rushing to get there on time when something stops you. You open your eyes and see two men standing in your way.You try to go around them because you need to go, but they grab you, and take you away. Away from your friends, family, everything. You are scared. You don’t know where you are going, or who these men are. You begin to realize you are being taken to be a child soldier, and you can’t do anything about it. Child soldiers have become common recently in the lower east Asia and Africa. Child soldiers are children in the army that are under the legal age. Some volunteer and some are forced. I believe child soldiers the didn’t volunteer to join deserve amnesty because…show more content…
Many are taken from schools, homes, and on the streets. One boy, Bosco Ojok, was abducted by soldiers when he was just 14 years old. From the TIME article “Hope for Uganda’s soldiers” tens of thousands were abducted near their homes and schools.” This child soldier problem isn’t little anymore, and cannot be ignored. So many children are being taken away from their family, friends, and lives. “Debatewise, Child soliders” states that “Child soldiers are not morally responsible for their actions. Children are often forced into fighting and have very little choice over whether or not they enlist. After that they are following orders of adults rather than acting of their own free will.” These commanders are using their power to manipulate children to join, and then take advantage of the children's vulnerability, and force them to commit horrible crimes. The article “Child Soldiers” says child soldiers are “...forced through false promises, drugs, and things you can’t even imagine.” Recruiters lure children who trust adults, with false promises. They also don’t physically have the ability to understand what their choices will do in the long run. That part of the brain does not develop until your

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