Iso 9000 Case Study

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Table of Contents: Introduction : 1 Impacts looking into companies’ productivity. 1 Advantages OF ISO 9000 1 Connection theory – practice : 1 Practical implication : 1 Conclusion : 1 References : 1 Introduction : Quality is one of the most important manners that companies look forward to achieve while they are in business. ISO 9000 is a well-known code that has standards for several services such education, social, and financial, and the focus of this project will be on the financial services. The financial standards guides for a better quality management which helps companies improve their efficiency and in return get more customer satisfaction. These are achieved by providing the proper guidance and tools to a certain…show more content…
Increased customer satisfaction: since the ISO 9000 certification process almost inevitably uncovers areas in which final product quality can be richer reconsider, such efforts often bring about higher levels of customer satisfaction. In additional, by repayment for and procure ISO 9000 certification, companies can provide their clients with the opportunity to tout their suppliers' dedication to quality in their own business dealings. Improved civil communication: the ISO 9000 certification process's emphasis on self-analysis and operations management issues encourages various internal areas or departments of companies to interact with one another in hopes of gaining a complete understanding of the needs and desires of their internal customers. Improved customer service: the process of securing ISO 9000 registration often serves to refocus company priorities on pleasing their customers in all respects, including customer service areas. It also helps heighten awareness of quality issues among

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