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Benefits and Risks of Biotechnology Biotechnology is technology applied in biology to improve lives and health in society. It is technology that harnesses cellular processes . These cellular processes can be applied in healthcare, agriculture, and industry to improve their effectiveness and efficiency . Biotechnology has a very heavy influence on life today . Healthcare Biotechnology is already benefitting over 350 million patients globally and treats heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, leukemia, diabetes, and many more illnesses . Furthermore, it is estimated that 50% of all medicine will come from biotechnology in 2015 . In addition, biotechnology allows for employment; In Europe, all departments involving medics has more than doubled…show more content…
It is the use of biological resources, such as plants and microorganisms to produce and process material, chemicals, and energy . An example could be detergent. Industrial biotechnology modifies the actions of enzymes and microorganisms to improve the effectiveness of detergents so clothes can be washed at lower water temperatures . Washing at lower temperatures also results in more power efficiency. Similarly, laundry detergent has been made more eco-friendly and has solved phosphate water pollution problems in the 1970s . Industrial biotech has always assimilated product improvements with reduced amounts of pollution. Industrial biotech is an assuring new approach to prevention of pollution, conservation, and reduction of costs . Not only is industrial biotechnology providing enhanced products to society, but it also suggests new commercial products. For example, a scientist named Oriel Cusola has patented a new compound applied on paper to make it water proof . The production of enzymes has integrated for use in our daily lives, such as the use of meat tenderizer and cleaning fluids . These enzymes have evolved in nature to effectively speed up chemical reactions. The use of enzymes reduces the amount of chemicals needed, mainly in the paper industry . Industrial biotech can also replace petroleum-based feedstocks by conducting biomass using bio-refineries to produce electricity . It also reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing; for instance: treating industrial wastewater using microbes, a biological medium . The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) published a report in 2009 stating that greenhouse gases were potentially reduced due to biotechnology . Similar to healthcare and agricultural biotechnology, industrial biotechnology does have some disadvantages. Since industrial biotech is still new, the benefits are not completely understood by companies and

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