Essay On Causes Of Divorce

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Nowadays, this generation is witnessing the shocking increase in the rates of divorce cases. Statistics show, that in Kuwait, divorce rates are increasing in a scary way by reaching 37%. Therefore, this huge percentage threatens the society with many risks. Until now, no one could find a certain solution to limit the aggravation of this problem. Some spouses think that divorce is the only way too escape from the obstacles in their married life. Separation plays a vital role in affecting the society negatively, and it leads to numerous social problems, like split families, violence, and increased youth crime. There are multiple perspectives in the causes that contribute to divorce, but the most common reasons of the high rates of divorce in Kuwait are limited awareness about marriage, external influences and financial pressures. The first key reason for divorce on a wide scale is that societies do not prepare couples before they get married. The lack of awareness leads some couples to not realize the real…show more content…
Currently, life is more expensive and demanding. So, some women think that marriage is a miracle that provides all her needs, without thinking about her husband’s financial abilities. Also, the cost to get married nowadays can be very expensive, such as the wedding, the honeymoon and finding a new home. This increase in prices has made couples today face many of financial problems. According to the American Journal of Sociology (year), “Name of Study” shows that unemployment can be a major factor behind the separation. Lack of money can be the reason of marital issue to flare into divorce filing. Moreover, financial difficulties put a couple's life under a lot of anxiety, which in turn can prompt to constant arguing and lack of understanding. In other words, the expensive ways of living and the pressure of money is a leading cause for stressing the relationship, leading it to
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