Growing Up In Poverty

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The effects of growing up in poverty Growing up in poverty can have long lasting, negative effects for everyone living in such condition, spatially for the children. The Children growing up in low-income families, face many challenges and difficultly through their first years of their life and for the rest of it, that children from more advantaged families are not going through. These children may experience unpleasant life event likely more than average children in typical families. For example, they more likely to experience multiple family changes, move more often, and need to change their schools. The schools in poverty area are typically less well sponsored, and the neighborhoods they live in are more dangerous. When a child born and raised by a poor family, the fist negative effect for him or she probably would be lacking in nutrition, next unfavorable educational academic available, lack of Attention and affection and also the dangerous neighborhood may have a negative impact on child behavioral development. The real definition and root of the word poverty is lack of the minimum food and shelter necessary for maintaining life,…show more content…
Many low income children have emotional and behavioral problem due to weak or anxious attachments from the early stage of childhood. Many studies have shown, infants and babies need the warm and attention from their caregiver to survive. In many poor family time is short, parents are not educated and warm emotions are at a fewest, and all these will put the mental development of the kids in danger. In addition, some research showed low-income parents are typically half as likely as higher-income parents are to be able to track down where their children are in the neighborhood and frequently they do not know the names of their children's teachers or friends. This would put these children at higher risk to be involved with a dangerous person and
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