The Road Short Story

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The concept of mystery has been thoroughly planned in the novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy; in terms of creating a world destroyed by an undeclared catastrophe and constantly giving the readers hope about the main characters’ fates and taking it right back, by some unfortunate event or another. There is always the question of a bigger picture in the readers’ minds, the world’s fate after all this, its redemption, the better days to come; one of the biggest contradictions the author puts us in is this. Though most people assume otherwise, there are numerous reasons to see it plausible and believe in the forthcoming redemption of the world in such a gloomy book. The concept of hope is equally important to be taken account of, in order to understand…show more content…
Trying to make their journey into more of an adventure for his little boy, the man constantly talks to his son about carrying the fire. As fire meant life to them in the bitter nights, it meant for them their survival, the good guys’ victory and the hope for better days. As the man was dying, he told the boy to keep carrying the fire; he told him that it was inside him and always would be. “ I want to be with you. You can’t. You have to carry the fire.” (91/94) This was a hopeful closure to their journey, for it represented the boy surviving after the father’s anticipated death. The fact that the man and the boy do not give up and always find a way out of trouble can be a sign of the world’s redemption. If two lonely people can survive against the odds, why shouldn’t the world do the same in a little more time? The man could have given up, he could have changed his mind and commited suicide instead of risking themselves to be murdered in much worse ways than they could have imagined; but unlike his wife, he chose to fight, he chose life over death and he chose his son’s survival as well as his own. “We’re survivors he told her across the flame of the lamp. Survivors? she said. Yes.”
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