Mies Van Der Rohe Literature Review

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This literature review will explore the philosophy and life of the phenomenal architect "Mies Van Der Rohe" a German born architect largely regarded as the pioneering master of modern architecture, who reflected a new architectural style in the united states of america.This literature review looks at the development and growth of the "Less is more" architecture concept through Mies journey in America. Mies was largely the one who epitomized the most highly effective principles and the most distilled work out and had the most comprehensive impact on the modern movement. In the twentieth century Mies Van Der Rohe conspicously shaped his image.The once immortal and prosphetic Mies became the ill- flamed figure for post modernist rejection-"the…show more content…
Till date Mies architecture inspires people and plays a large part in the develpment of deisgn and architecture. Mies earned some money while he was still a kid who worked as a runner on construction projects. He learned building not from books or drawings rather from the dirt and noise of the building site, learning so much from his childhood work he believed that practical learning of life is better than reading any theory or books in the world. He learned it in a very traditional way,long before he drew just lines on paper. "All Education must begin with the practical side of life... the roads of discipline from materials, through junction to creative work... how sensible is the small handy shape, so usefull for every purpose". ( page 169 master…show more content…
Mies like always being ahead of his times improved the construction of the building by new and better materials. He assumed that classic and clean design of a large building in such a way as for people to have such a pleasing effect to their eyes. this building is usually observed as a masterpiece of functional aesthetics. The building is constructed around huge steel frames using glass walls to expose the simplicity and clarity of it. Though the glass are not constitutional but they hang from the frame giving it a very rational look. Mies original design involved the steel structure to be visible yet due to the American rules for the building its was covered by some kind of fire resistant element. Interesting part being that to give the effect to the structured steel , Mies used up 1500 tons of bronze to make bronze I

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