Third Wave Feminism Analysis

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This paper focuses on four readings chapter three of Sexuality A Very Short Introduction by Mottier, Another short reading by Saraswati entitled Where We Stand. Finally two blackboard article one by Joshua Gamson and Dawne Moon Sociology and Sexualities Queer and Beyond and article by Claire Synder What Is Third-Wave Feminism? A New Directions Essay. Mottier chapter focuses on the 19th century and how early ideas of feminism to action against the diffrent justification of the double standard which saw men as free sexual being and women as passive. The chapter goes into how the second wave feminism brought about sexual liberation. The chapter also dives into early position and the general politics of sex and how the male patriarchy forced…show more content…
First Synder article addresses woman thoughts on feminism over different generations of women. The article tries to ask and answer the question of doing women have different definitions of what feminism is. It offers ideas of how women can diffrent ideas and wavers of resolving their problems with the patriarchy. The article also talks about third wave feminism and was comes into play in terms of the feminist movement and how different from second wave feminism. The final article sociology of sexuality queer and beyond focuses on three trends in the sociology of sexuality. It examines the concept of queer theory and how that idea has shaped current serological thinking on sexuality. The article also talks about the concept of black feminism and intersectionality by looking at sexuality and how changes and is affected by multiple diffrent political, social, racial and economic systems. Finally the last part of the article offers a look at the sociology of sexuality and its relationships to the political economy. How recent changes in the political sphere and economic market change how we see…show more content…
Her main point is that feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression she uses the platform of the reading to show both positive lights of feminism and some of its more negative aspects.The part of insight for me is in how hook explains feminism in a way I never thought about. Although I was always a supporter of the feminist movement I never could find ways to feel as if my voice or opinion would ever matter in a movement that felt like solely about women wanting to be equal to men. The movement that at times felt like it hated me for being a man. Hook definition of feminism gave me insight to what I believe feminism is about a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. A movement fueled not by the hatred of men, but by the desire to end sexism and obtain equality. I appreciated how this reading contextualized feminism as when I was younger, I believed feminism movement was at times a movement about women who hated men for all the terrible things they did to them. This is a common misconception that many people have and believe this short reading is a good way of educating others about the realities of

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