Holden Caulfield Character Analysis Essay

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Robert Alonso 2/11/15 Mariana Huyo AP English Lit & Comp The Catcher in the Rye Final Essay – Psychological Characterization Throughout the story of the famous and well written book, “The Catcher in the Rye”, the main character, Holden Caulfield, goes through many different experiences in which affects him psychologically in many ways. One of the most frequent psychological disorder he expresses throughout the story is one called Clinical Depression. This psychological disorder makes the one diagnosed with it become critically depressed or loses interest or pleasure very rapidly. The person also experiences feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt and they also have a difficult time concentrating and making decisions. This type of depression is brought by stressful life events, such as death or illness of someone close to you, divorce, childhood abuse or neglect, loneliness (common in the elderly), and relationship breakups. Sadly, Holden expresses these symptoms and as we read on in the story, he goes through some of the difficult times that can lead to clinical depression. Clinical Depression is a mental disease that impacts millions of people each year. Depression is mainly characterized as a prolonged state of sadness accompanied with symptoms such as confusion,…show more content…
Triggers, progression, severity, impact, and treatment vary for each person. The onset of depression is sometimes sudden or very subtle however most people consider the main cause of depression to be a culmination of social, psychological, and biological factors. Typical causes for depression include external factors such as stressful situations (poverty, unemployment) or traumatic experiences (divorce, death of a loved one, a break-up). Internal factors include changes in hormonal levels, changes in brain chemicals, and biological disposition (people with a family history of having Clinical

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