Why Is Body Image Important In Frankenstein Essay

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For many decades, people have accused the media for portraying an unhealthy body image that is nearly impossible to mold. What we see in the media is the way we identify ourselves as well, as others. The rise of social media has affected how we think and how we see things. It has invisibly affected relationships. This occurrence is swayed through several reasons such as friends, social settings, or even family. People today are becoming more and more interested in the light of media so our self-image is recognized through more than just physical characteristics. Our physical characteristics reveal a message toward relationships with others, the media, as well as what we believe to be attractive and who we are. People everywhere strive for the approval in our society. As body image and self-esteem begin to show recognizable differences than what society promotes, the want to feel accepted by our friends tempt us to change ourselves. This acceptance matters because it is necessary for emotional growth, friendships, moral values, and it prevents us from isolation. As much as we want to be accepted…show more content…
The person behind the monster, Victor Frankenstein, showed an excessive amount of disgust in regards to his creation. *add quote* Also, because of his appearance, people believe his demeanor is cruel and startling, which we know is false in most cases. The assumed to be monster in the book experiences personal problems while facing the tarnished, real world. After being exposed to reality and the horrid treatment that comes with it, he begins to face the tragedies of rejection from people around him, including the person that created him. In the hopes of clearing the situation, the monster uses his deformity for revenge. The monster reaches his tipping point and comes to realizes that it doesn’t matter how the people react, it’s your appearance that

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