Motherhood Myth And The Reasons Why Women Have Children

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If a woman doesn’t have a child can they consider their self as a normal woman? They are many reasons why mothers decide to have children. The word “motherhood” has a strong meaning in our generation and when Rollin wrote her book. Both of our generation shares a lot of similarity towards the reasons on why women have children. Society is a huge reason why women feel like it is necessary to have children. How would you feel like if you have something above your head waiting for you to make the wrong move for it can be drop? Women are experiencing this pressure by the society and from Motherhood Myth. This makes them feel pressure and they are so accustomed of everyone having children they believe this is the right move. Although there are an…show more content…
The Motherhood Myth in Rollin’s essay, “the idea that having babies is something that all normal women instinctively want and need and will enjoy doing.” This myth make women believe that they must have children because how much society judges them. This myth haunts women because they are supposed to have achieved this certain role. “The very fact that a woman without children is a woman in a minority provides strong impetus for most females to choose children, and the more women continue to follow the trend, the more difficult it becomes to resist. “We are impelled to have children not only by genes, but by the social pressures to fit in," says Susan Maushart” (Slater). The role is to have children because that was what the past generations were doing, and that was considered normal. “Psychoanalyst also make much of the psychological need to repeat what one’s parent of the same sex has done. Since everyone woman has a mother, it is considered normal to wish to imitate one’s mother by being a mother”(Rollins). You start being accustomed to that lifestyle that women are supposed to have children, you been around it only makes sense to do the same thing. “My sister, a mother of three, sees that part of her complex motivation for becoming a mom had to do with social pressure.” “While there were all sorts of reasons that compelled me to have three kids," she says, "like how much…show more content…
The reasons on why we have children are still a lot similar to what Rollin stated. Our generation shares a lot of similarities towards the word motherhood and becoming a mother. Society stills pressure women to have children, but not only that the women are supposed to be responsible of having a job. They are also required to provide an income. The Motherhood Myth is still there, but it is slowing dwelling away. Many women get to decide if they are ready to have a child, but society isn’t pressuring them like it used to in the past. Women are now thinking about self-development of their individual resources. Women have more of a decision to either have a child or not. Women have children simply because they want to have them. Some of them enjoy the company of the kid. Women see having kids as the next step of adulthood. "We want children in our lives," says Emily, "because that's a big part of what we feel it means to be an adult. Being an adult is about rearing the generation that will survive you. It's about being able to take care of someone other than yourself. It's about realizing that you're not the most important person in the world. Being an adult means finally being able to love someone else more than you love yourself. That's how I define maturity."(Roberts).Many adults see having a child is part of their adulthood. “We have children, according to Erikson, because it is a developmental need. It

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