Lord Of The Flies Civilization Analysis

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Civilization and Savagery in Lord of The Flies Civilization in Lord of the Flies is a big theme due to the fact that this theme shows the reader the affect of civilization on a human being and how it makes us stay in line and without proper civilization around us to keep us civilized we begin to act out of line and become savage since there are no consequences for breaking rules. The first topic that is going to be talked about in this essay explaining what the real meaning of civilization and savagery is then the second topic that will be covered will be about how the boys being away from civilization changed them over time and why this happened. Civilization is important because without it, it brings out the evil/savage within. Civilization…show more content…
Also what makes a civilization work is having a good leader rules, and authority to enforce those rules. A good leader is needed in order to keep a good civilization, mainly because a well-conducted leader is able to help majority of the people and help keep everyone organized and motivated. Rules and authority are also a big thing needed for civilization due to the fact that rules help keep everyone in check and safe making life more enjoyable and a nice environment for everyone but there will also be people who will try to go against the rules and that’s when authority…show more content…
In the beginning of the Lord of the Flies as soon as the plane crashed the boys were afraid and didn’t know how to act without any adults since they were so used to having adults around them being that would be there to help guide and lead them, even piggy asked if there were any adults which shows how they relied on adults to lead and make the decision making. Since the boys all came from a civilized society they did the behaviors that they were condition to do by partitioning up the work and electing a leader by voting that ends up becoming Ralph. When Ralph and Piggy find the conch shell and use for meeting, calling and etc. this shows how the boys are attempting to keep civilization and how Ralph is keeping the boys civilized and organized. The conch shell is a very big symbolization of civilization. The first displays of savagery in this book is when Jack begins to have a strong desire of becoming leader, when he began to get a sort of rush from killing pigs, and when he began to paint his face. Jack’s savage actions began to grow on the boys, which caused them to follow him. As time passed by Jack begins to gain more followers and people begin to reject Ralph’s authority causing two groups to form; Ralph’s group, which symbolized civilization since they tried to do everything in a civilized manner and then

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