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How to Catch Bass: 5 Tips from Professional Anglers Bass fishing is one of the most challenging yet rewarding fishing sport for both professional anglers and avid fishers alike. In fact, it is a very popular game fish in North America and even South Africa. However, just because bass is caught virtually everywhere doesn’t mean you can easily fill your boat with this species at any random fishing trip. It requires technique and understanding of the fish’s behavior to get a good grasp on how to catch bass like a pro. At the same time, you will need patience and willingness to try over and over to catch this species. If you are yet to hook your first bass, do not despair. There are literally plenty of fish in the sea - in this case, both freshwater…show more content…
3.) Master the best techniques to maximize success Bass is known as an ornery fish. This means you have to disturb and annoy it so that it bites your bait. They prefer to stay in the cover and like lures thrown in different angles. With bass fishing, pitching and flipping are two of the best techniques to use. Between the two, pitching is easier although it lacks the amount of precision that flipping has. With this technique, you first have to release the line enough to even it with the reel. With one swift motion, release the lure while maintaining your rod’s tip up. The idea is to slingshot the bait right to your target and to close the reel as soon as the bait lands on water since bass is known to strike fast. Flipping, on the other hand, requires more experience and practice. However, once you get used to it, it allows you to hit your target more precisely than pitching. You can start practicing by releasing about 8-15 feet of line. Make sure you close the reel before you raise the rod and swing the bait. Use a pendulum motion to hit your target location. Again, make sure there is no slack since bass can strike quickly. The moment you drop the bait, you want to make sure the line is

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