Becoming An Adult Essay

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When do you become an Adult? Life has many phases and it is really beautiful in all aspects weather you are in any phase of life. There are basically three phases in which life is been divided, firstly childhood, secondly adult life then agedness. These three divisions are done upon age or they depend upon the maturity level of the person and also depend upon conditions in which a person is set to live. Now coming to the second phase adult life, there are two meaning of adult, first is that when a child is ready to get married and can afford to have a family and is responsible enough to cater everyone and everything in life in an orderly manner and can tackle every situation easily but the second literal meaning of an adult is when a child’s physical appearance changes from childish look to a proper man or a grown up person. These are basically the two conditions for becoming an adult.…show more content…
Different countries in this world like America, Canada, Pakistan etc, have a really uneven trend of life and children by living in these situations and tackling them become adults but still different countries have different adult age fixed in which they consider a child to be an adult and all countries have their own criteria’s of determining the age of an adult. In America the age they have determined for a child to be an adult is likely to be sixteen and in this age they consider you to be an adult and same is the case for Canada because they have many similarities in color etc. but it is comparatively different for Pakistan as the region changes and people there have discovered the age of an adult to be eighteen and in this age they consider a child to be an adult and issue him national identity card, so with respect to area sometimes adult age is also
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