Black Lives Matter Persuasive Speech

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The Black Lives Matter movement started in 2013. Around this time, numerous videos and other forms of media informed and showed people the killing of black males by the excessive use of force by the police. Immediately following these deaths, many people were outraged, and numerous riots erupted in several cities around the United States. Even though some people reacted violently to the situation, I don’t believe that the intention of the Black Lives Matter movement was to pit communities against one another. Rather, I believe that the idea was to bring awareness of the killing of black men by excessive police force and try to work towards a solution. The Black Lives Matter movement can be seen as a racial project because it meets two major…show more content…
Protests and rallies in other locations, such as Seattle, were very peaceful and pushed a pushed a very important message. According to the Seattle Times, protestors gathered on 6th Avenue and Pike street, outside the Seattle Police station, and other locations around the city to protest the deaths of two African Americans, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, by police officers. This demonstration was a huge contrast to the riots that happened in places like Charlottesville, North Carolina. The rally was very peaceful. Additionally, the purpose of this rally wasn’t to blame all police officers for the recent deaths. The emphasis of the rally was to let officers know that people don’t think that all officers are bad and discourage hate towards police officers. People of all races attended this event and supported the movement. Events like this demonstrate the fact that the motive behind Black Lives Matter is not to cause a rift between different racial communities. Having a variety of people from many different backgrounds shows that people are willing to come together and take a stand against injustice. A sign that reads “White silence is violence,” is a great summary of one of the main motives behind rallies like this. The sign shows that people know

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