Intellectual Disability Case Study

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Intellectual Disability is a disability characterized by a delay in cognitive, language, motor, or social development that results in subaverage general intellectual functioning and limitations in adaptive behavior that adversely affect a child’s educational performance. It originates before the age of 18. Individuals with intellectual disabilities fail to attain the expected level of functioning in one or more of the aforementioned areas. Morena Mercado, a 19-year-old female Filipino with intellectual disability and epilepsy and is a transition student. She has a physique that is typical for her age. She is at least five-feet tall and has a dark brown hair that matches her eyes. Morena came from a low-income family. She, her mother and father, Elsi and Cleofas Mercado, are living in a 32-square-inch house in Sta. Barbara Villas in San Mateo which is…show more content…
However, she is stubborn. Her mother elaborated that if she wants something, she will stop at nothing to have it. She will have tantrums in class if what she wants is not given to her immediately. Her mother says her strengths are preparing meals for and taking care of her younger cousins. When I asked Morena, she claimed that she was also good at Math and Filipino and is excellent at singing, drawing and writing essays. It is safe to assume that Morena’s practical adaptive skills are far more developed than her conceptual and social adaptive skills. This perception of hers is in line with her dreams of becoming an educator someday. She took time answering the question, however, and it seemed as though she just decided on being a teacher in the spur of the moment, and really has no grasp of the concept of time or future. Her mother is supportive of her future goals, but the reluctance was apparent when she was being asked if that was her plan for her child as well. Her priority at the time, she said, was for Morena to finish

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