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The Salem witch trials of 1692 caused the deaths of 20 people for suspected witchcraft. With much distress and disturbance of peace in the town, there were few people that had to willingly step up to keep Salem in order. In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, distinct characters take part in the uprising of suspects of witchcraft and the objection of the convictions. A specific character, Reverend John Hale, is an expert in demonic arts and witchcraft. He is also one that provides the acknowledgement to both sides in the play. Reverend Hale is called to Salem to ascertain these reports of witchcraft. As an expert, he is looked upon as a savior to the town. Over the course of Miller’s play, Reverend Hale’s viewpoints on the accusations within the…show more content…
When John Hale arrives at John and Elizabeth Proctor’s house, he asks why John Proctor has only been to church “twenty-six time in seventeen months” (1170). This count is unusual, whereas the people of Salem are expected to go to church every week. Hale also mentions Elizabeth’s name has been mentioned in court. Hale believes that they could possibly be suspected of witchcraft due to their lack of church attendance recently. As being counted on by the town to tame this chaos, Hale must be vigilant because “No man may longer doubt the powers of the dark gathered in this monstrous attack upon this village” (1170). In addition, two older townswomen, Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey are accused of witchcraft. Unfortunately, the husbands of these women try to prove the accusations false but were unable to. John Hale still has proof and reason to believe that the “Devil is alive in Salem, and we dare not quail to follow wherever the finger points!” (1175). Hale wants to believe that the accusations are false, but cannot because he has confidence in the court’s ruling rather than showing emotion for the accused suspects. As Hale still being seen as a hero, he does not yet see where the real source of evil is coming

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