Descriptive Essay About Grandfather

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There is always that person in someones life that makes the diffrence in someones life that someone that lives a mark on you for me that person was my grandfather. He was that person tan always gave me advice he was very special for me he worked so hard to get what he accomplished. I always admired the possitivity this man had, no matter how bad his day waas no matter how tough he worked, you could always see a smile reflected in his face. My grandfather worked for his whole life to the day he died. He built a beautiful family he built a huge empire here in mexico. He was born in spain in the year 1930 in a small town named zolorsano. His name is Eduardo Tricio Gomez My grandfather started of with a small loan from his father to come to mexico. The problem was that he didn’t have enough money to pay for a…show more content…
My grandfather also loved to play soccer but the only problema was that he didn’t have enough money to buy his own soccer cleats so he had to use spanish (alpargatas) he played with those. He was very busy working in his ranch. He was so proud of himself and his brother. He then dicided that he and his brother had to have their own ranches so that they wouldn’t have future problems. That wasn’t a problema for his brother (Indallecio) they bought another ranch for his brother very close to his. One day when he was going down the Street he went to the port to see the boats coming and as he took a look to the side he saw a beautifull lady. He was so amazed by how beautifull she was that he had to go ask her what was her name. Then finally he had the guts to go ask her what was her name she didn’t answer she was to emberrased so they agreed to meet at a restaurant the following night. When he got there he told her how beautifull she looked. Two years later they got married and had a beautifull

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