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Today was a normal day. Well, it seemed like that. In the morning I woke up like every morning, went to school, saw my friends and have my typical sour cream bread for lunch. As every other day, when I arrived from school I went running to my sister’s room to see her. Her name is Kristen and she is turning eleven months next friday! I love to be around her and to listen how he pronounces my name Yevhen. She makes it sound like if it was a girls name and it really makes me laugh. Everything was normal in my house, except one thing. My father wasn’t home yet. It did not existed a day in which my father arrived late to home after work. In Kiev since it is not a huge place, there are not a numerous amounts of jobs or things to do, so he, as almost the entire population of man worked in the Nuclear Power Plant near Pripyat which was about 90 kilometres (56 mi) northeast of Kiev which is the city where we lived. “Nuclear Power Plant”. I always heard and saw that words in every place. It made people sound intellectual and formal and I loved to sound like that so every opportunity I saw to said that my father worked there I…show more content…
As soon as the sun came out in the morning I got out of bed and of my room and sneaked to see what happened with my parents last night. When I entered the room there was no one inside, but the tv was on. I sat down in the floor and watched the tv. “Chernobyl Incident” was all around the television and to be honest I was truly confused. It was were my father worked, but this time it wasn’t in the tv because of a price, it was up in the news because something bad happened. After some minutes of watching the new I started to understand. A nuclear plant exploded and I don’t know exactly why but it said in the news that it was extremely dangerous and that we were all in big risk and that every citizen near should evacuate. I could finally made a connection with what was the fight about between my parents some hours

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